AoM responds to Ian Lang’s assertions over at the cesspool known as Sample assertion:

Finally, do you think your dad would enjoy lying in a field with you making daisy chains and contemplating what it means to be a man? No. He would tell you to work hard, that life doesn’t ever get easier and to stop being such a pussy.

Snip from the response:

Yes, a man should be a man of action. That is the end of his creation. But what is the means to that end? What kind of actions should he take? What is driving that action? What is the purpose of that action? What kinds of goals and priorities, values and morals should a man have? Contemplation is needed to answer these questions. Contemplation leads to right action.

Read the whole thing here.

4 thoughts on “Quick Link

  1. Dante

    Hmmmm. Well I have thought of both AofM and Askmen as being in the same category of “not-worth-bookmarking” just at polar opposite points. So this battle doesn’t surprise me.

  2. Dylan

    While I don’t agree with every point on AoM, AskMen is utterly disgusting to me. In fact, I would be willing to blame most of the degeneration of western life on AM (probably overkill, right?). One recent article a friend showed me had a guy touting his sexual conquests and the fact he had slept with over a thousand women. I may not like the state of affairs I find myself with, but I’m thankful I never went that route.


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