7 Quick Takes, vol. 1

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Eyyyy, I jumped on the Quick Takes bandwagon! Great idea, really, because some days I really just can’t organize my thoughts more than a paragraph at a time. Let’s see, how’s this thing work? There we go. 1: Passive Purification I finally had my approximately-bi-weekly conversation with Father T. I was all “It’s awful, everything’s great!” and he was ...

The Knife

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Some people think Christians are in love with suffering. Not true: it’s just that we don’t see it as something to be categorically avoided. My heart hurts right now. It just does, and none of your business why, dear readers, although you’d understand it well enough. I know myself well enough to know that it’ll pass, and probably soon. There’s a kind of hurt that ...

Wooden Cross Drawings

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Quick Tidbit

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From my pastor’s sermon today: “Human beings are made in such a way that we can’t think ourselves into acting a certain way. We have to act ourselves into thinking a certain way.” Which, incidentally, is how obedience to the Magisterium works. I don’t think you can understand Church teaching without living it first. Which is probably why I understand so little of it.

One More Reason To Love Walker Percy:

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This excellent article by Michael Baruzzini, titled Walker Percy, Bourbon, and the Holy Spirit. Excerpt: “Affection is made concrete with actions. Handshakes between colleagues, hugs and kisses between friends not only display, but actually create or make real the respect and affection between people. The true value of a family dinner lies at this level: we are a family because we eat ...

Fury, Mire, Bananas!

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Occasionally I do pull out the gay card. The gay card, of course, is a conversational trump, as in: “You say homosexual acts are wrong? Well, I have a gay cousin!” This is exactly as logical as saying: “You think Cheetos aren’t nutritious? Well, I love Cheetos!” Probably true, but totally irrelevant — unless you expect me to tailor my principles according ...


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When I was ten or eleven, I somehow1 came across a letter to my mother, written by a psychologist, I think Joseph Nicolosi — anyway if not him, somebody else in the field. She was worried about me and had found his name, and he’d been gracious enough to reply with advice: try to get him to socialize with other boys; guide him gently into activity with them. Then there was ...

Adam and Eve and Then Some?

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[Discussion with an reader on mono- vs. polygenism] + [Adam & Eve] + [facebook queries] + [helpful friends] leads me to a fascinating post by Michael Flynn on the whole question. Excerpt: …[They] appear to hold that the statement: A: “There is one man from whom all humans are descended” is equivalent to the statement: B: “All humans are descended from [only] one ...

Checking In

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Thanks for prayers, everyone! The interview went very well, and I somehow wasn’t even nervous. It will air around Thanksgiving — I’ll let you know when I find out the exact time, and will try to have the audio file available on the site. Got to run now. I took the day off because Rivka is in town. We are going to Mass and then for a hike. I’m appreciating the comment ...

I Goofed

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Been meaning to tell you, but my server decided now would be a good time to go down. Anyway, it turns out I got a little overexcited. My interview on Catholic Answers Live is being recorded this Wednesday, but it won’t air till November some time. Sorry for the false alarm! I’ll keep you posted. Still grateful, as always, for your prayers. In other news, the Pats are kicking some ...