Been meaning to tell you, but my server decided now would be a good time to go down. Anyway, it turns out I got a little overexcited. My interview on Catholic Answers Live is being recorded this Wednesday, but it won’t air till November some time.

Sorry for the false alarm! I’ll keep you posted. Still grateful, as always, for your prayers.

In other news, the Pats are kicking some substantial Dolphin ass tonight. My man Wes just ran in a 99-yard touchdown.

9 thoughts on “I Goofed

  1. Ben the Monday Night Slosher

    Why are dolphins patting asses? or kicking them?

    And besides, do dolphins have asses? OH! sports! duh.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have drunk that glass of wine after the two beers at dinner.

  2. Justin

    I expect they’ll do it November 1st since they take that off. I wonder if they took any calls. Probably not. What they’ve been doing on feastdays is these triple-plays (trifectas?) where they interview three Catholic human interest subjects and put it into one show. How long was your interview, 15 minutes?

  3. Patrick Coffin

    Hey Steve:

    Thanks for your time and for agreeing to come on the radio. It’s a LOT harder being the interviewee, I know! I didn’t mention that my wife is from Peru — saw you’d spent some time there. Made me miss ceviche and pisco sour.

    I am a little bitter that you didn’t break into spontaneous song, though…

    God bless you richly.



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