…that I haven’t forgotten you! I know there are hundreds and thousands (maybe millions!) of you who do nothing but wait for me to speak words of wisdom, and that you must have been languishing this past week in my absence.


But I do wish I had had more time to post this week. I’m working on an article for Our Sunday Visitor’s Newsweekly, and it’s been taking a lot out of me. Especially a lot of time. But my family came through with prayers, and Our Lady of Guadalupe gave me a boost like she always does, and I’ve finally got something. I hope to be able to resume my regular posting schedule (as if I had such a thing!) soon. I’ll letcha know when it hits the presses.

In the meantime, I’ve added for your clicking pleasure a couple of new widgets below the tags: Books (I’ve read ’em and recommend ’em) and Resources. If you know of any that should be be there, let me know by comment or by emailing me. It’s stevegershom. And then the at symbol. And then gmail. And then .com.1

Like Fr. T says, let us continue to pray for one another!

1 I konw this is annoying. I do it so the spambots won’t know where I sleep.

9 thoughts on “I Just Want To Say…

  1. Ron

    I’m a member of the Courage group on Facebook, as there are no “live” groups where I live. It is a great resource. They also have groups for family members of people with ssa (not sure if there is such a group on Facebook). One of the books that Steve recommends, “The Homosexual Person” was written by Fr John Harvey, OSFS, the founder of Courage.

    And, Steve, you seem to doubt that folks were not waiting in eager anticipation for a new post from you? Not true…I checked every day!

  2. Gabriel

    Aaah! If you are acquainted with Our Sunday Visitor, I would hope you have heard of Melinda Selmys? She wrote a book called “Sexual Authenticity” that is not only the single best book on sexuality, Catholicism and life that I’ve ever read — it’s flat out one of the best books I’ve ever read on any subject. (She used to be a lesbian, and now she’s more of a mother of four, so that’s reasonably cool.) You remind me of her rather.

    And ditto Ron’s closer. This is one of the few sites that I check every time I log on.

  3. Lori

    Count me as one of the millions who checks in daily :) Glad to hear your reason for being mia; I was a little concerned the black death got the better of you!

  4. Anna Marie

    I check in daily too!! I keep hoping for a new post, then I am disappointed. I hope your article will help change people’s perceptions of wonderful men like you. :)

  5. Gregg

    Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill, it’s one of my favorite books on the topic of all time. Sexual Authenticity is also a seriously great read!


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