I seem to have pissed off someone in…the gay hacker community? Just a guess. My system logs are showing some suspicious activity, so somebody is trying to get in.

All I have to say is, don’t hack a hacker, bubbeleh.

How ’bout you just shoot me an email and we argue like men.

11 thoughts on “Cowards Being Cowardly

  1. Ryan

    Having gone to two conservative Catholic schools and at one time a seminarian, one or two friends have continued to hope I might change or leave the ‘lifestyle’. One of them sent me your web address and it’s been a fun read. My Catholic friends and gay friends have issues with each other but I tell them to understand each other, they’d have to be both, to which we all agree to drink instead.

  2. Ryan

    I’ve always said this state in life often feels close to the Jesus we read in the bible: Life of the party, making waves, social butterfly, flare for the dramatic and clearly a wine drinker.

  3. Bro

    Ryan, I hope it isn’t absolutely necessary that one drink wine to be a Jesus Follower. I gave up alcohol 21 years ago when I found out I was allergic to it. No, really. I’m allergic to booze. Every time I drank I broke out in handcuffs!

  4. Mark from PA

    Well, you don’t know it was a gay hacker. There are a lot more straight folks. I get discouraged with all the homophobia. When I was younger I wasn’t exposed to a lot of it. Some conservative Catholics really despise gay people. It it scary. I just read something from a traditionalist that said that violence against homosexuals is normal. Sigh!

  5. In the Burbs

    Ive never met a Catholic who despised “gay people”. I have met Catholics (and many others) who have been very frustrated by the gay lobby and entertainment culture labeling others as bigots unless they accept homosexual relationships as “normal”.

    I do have a sensitivity to what you have observed, but I have seen more homophobia phobia than homophobia.

  6. Mark from PA

    Some people don’t really like the term “homophobia.” I suppose some of those people aren’t really afraid of gay people. They just have a strong dislike for them. So what do you call people that dislike gay people? What is a better name? I think things like gay-straight alliances in high school are good ideas and help with self-esteem issues for young people. But people that dislike gay people hate ideas like gay-straight alliances. I think today most people are a lot more accepting and that is good. I haven’t met in person people that despise gay people but a couple of men on one site flat out stated that they hate homosexuals and one woman has expressed her dislike for “active homosexuals.”

  7. Christina

    “Gay-straight alliances” tend to promote not just acceptance of people, but promotion of the idea that the activity is a good one. There’s a big difference to some of us. I don’t give a whig what people do in private, other than to hope that they and I are both on the path toward pleasing God better than we currently do. I do not support, though, the idea that the activity and lifestyle of homosexuality are inherently good or healthy. Therefore, I can’t promote the idea that accepting people and accepting all behaviors are the same thing.


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