Radio Interview #2 [updated again]

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Oh boy! Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Dec. 6) I will be on the air in Fargo, North Dakota. Never been there, but I did see the movie, which was grim & bleak, just how I like ’em. I’m sure the same can not be said of the show. I’ll be speaking with Roxane Salonen of Real Presence Radio, along with Fr. Jim Livingston, lead chaplain for Courage in the Twin Cities area. The ...


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Lifted from a comment that appeared recently on “Light of Hope”: I think it is really strange to create this boundary – that the “best” a gay Catholic can get is not-masturbating… I think Catholicism teaches us to recognise the variety of goods that exist outside of the limited range of what is the best and truest (and unattainable). I am confused that if orgasms occur ...

Ps 144

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So I come home from Kung Fu this afternoon and read this in my daily meditation: “Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for war.” Being a Catholic is just so freaking cool. Hello to all the new visitors from Young and Catholic and elsewhere! It’s wonderful to meet you, and thank you for the emails. Answers forthcoming as soon as may be.

The Light of Your Face

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Have you seen this man? His name is Charles de Foucauld, and that is nearly all I know about him.1 Except what is visible in his face, which I will not try to put into words. My mother says that when she saw the picture some years ago, her first thought was: “How did they take a photograph of Jesus?” It’s clearly Him. This is what Hopkins meant, or part of it, when he said ...