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Eww: immediate family, read on at your own risk. I mean, I don’t mind, but consider yourself warned is all. It’s been — let me check my little Chaste-o-Meter app — a little over 100 days since the last Porn Incident, and a little over 40 since the last Other Thing. Again, not to toot my own horn;1 just to say, hey, look what is possible! And to give some reasons why. ...


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…in posting, that is. Got one all primed and ready to go, but it’s in longhand and is probably not as good as I remember. Soon! In the meantime, I have got some serious moving out to do, and then some serious moving in after that. Oremus pro invicem, till next time.

Shark Tank

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Welp, I managed to host another party. This one was to say goodbye to my apartment, since I’ll be moving out this Feb. I had TWENTY people over.1 I was planning to do the good host thing when each person came: take the coat, get them a drink, get them talking to somebody, then wait for the next one. Instead, since everybody was fashionably late by almost exactly the same amount of time, ...

Servants of the King

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It would be funny if it weren’t so embarrassing, the thought of a grown man like me hoping that the teacher is going to come tell me I’m doing a good job. By “teacher”, of course I mean “Sifu.” Lord, how I love Kung Fu. I love it a surprising amount. I know I’m a little bit of a dilettante — I love to pick things up, but I don’t always ...


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The good people at Real Presence Radio showed me how you can stream, or even download, my first interview over there: you go here. Today’s interview was something of an adventure. I got the time right this time, hooray, and I even planned ahead by asking a coworker if I could borrow his office so I could have a line with decent reception; and I even gave them the right extension. So ...

Response, Part II

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[Note: Since yesterday, when I wrote this post, a lot of good discussion, including some by the original commenter, has been going on in the comboxes for Part I.] This post is a continuation of Response, Part I, in which I have a few words to say to a commenter who found me because of a tag involving whom else but that magnificent agent of providence, badassery, and freon-grade coolness, ...

Intervieux Redux

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Roxane Salonen of Real Presence Radio has invited Fr. Jim Livingston and me to appear on her show a second time. The show will air at 9:00 am CST (that’s 10:00 am EST), this Tuesday, January 17th. The first segment will feature a couple from the Marriage Encounter movement; then from 9:30 – 10:30 it’ll be Father Jim and I; and then Patrick Coffin (whoa! Reunion! But I ...

Response, Part I

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I just received a beautiful comment from someone who goes by the handle anakinmcfly — see, already I like this person1 — who wrote to tell me that it’s possible to be gay and Christian. I’ve had comments like this before, but this one stood out because it showed respect where others had shown condescension, and true concern where others had shown self-righteousness. So ...