I just wanna say how I feeling —
Things about not have sex, or something like that.
Is Wes Welker a Jew?
Am I gay if I like Patsy Cline?

Celibacy is just not my thing;
I want to masturbate, but…Catholic.
I want to know about Leon Bloy.

Black Plague soup,
Chicken soup of the death,
Oriented, scented bath oil,
Gay apes, fury bananas…

Who is Steve Gershom?
Doursonofagun —
Gay, fine, and Catholic!
He’s not deserve that kind of man.

9 thoughts on “Search Term Poetry: Doursonofagun

  1. Peter J

    I wonder how much these posts of yours work like self-fulfilling prophecies. When you post these weird search terms, doesn’t it reinforce in Google’s little web-crawler mind that your blog is a tad strange? :) Voila, more strange traffic. 😉

  2. Chris

    Are the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors intentional? I always have a hard time grasping the ee cummings school of poetry.

  3. Jordan Gray

    Black Plague soup,
    Chicken soup of the death

    Delightful! How on earth did your blog end up ranking for these terms?


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