Details to follow. Just now I am at the bar, post-vigil, celebrating (1) the victory of Jesus over death and all of his friends, and (2) the reception into the Church of a very dear old friend.

Alleluia, I say!

6 thoughts on “This just in…

  1. Eric

    Wow, I was actually…just doing the exact same thing. Clearly there is some relationship between Jesus being risen and the greatness of beer.

  2. Ron

    Did you hear?? Mary Magdalene was at the tomb this morning and she said it was empty, and she turned around and saw Jesus!

    Happy Easter, Steve, and everyone who reads this!

  3. Maggie L

    Happy Easter! Rejoicing so much this morning over the same things as you (though I had two friends–brothers–received into the Church last night). Christ is risen, indeed! Alleluia, alleluia!

  4. Angela

    My husband and brother in law were both welcomed into the church! A wonderful blessing and reason to celebrate, indeed. Blessings on the marvelous Easter Day!


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