Back from vacation! Trying to sort out my life in time for the *sigh* coming work week. I am working on a blog post and also a post for another, slightly more public forum. So, good times ahead.

Meanwhile, though, I want to share with you something that gives me a great deal of pleasure. Doubtless it is a perverse and disturbed kind of pleasure, but I takes it where I can gets it. I think my favorite part is “It’s all over!” at 1:20.

Come to think of it, he even kind of looks like Tom Waits.

7 thoughts on “God’s Away On Business

  1. George

    As soon as I saw the title of this post, this video popped into my head (came across it a few weeks ago). Glad you are able to start enjoying things! I’m not a fan of Tom Waits to be honest, but this video was amusing.

  2. Victor

    Haha, and I – unfamiliar with Tom Waits and completely ignorant of this song – was worrying that you had a faith crisis!
    You can’t imagine how relieved I am I was wrong…

  3. Blake

    Hi Steve!

    I didn’t know how to contact you otherwise, so I thought I’d just leave a comment. Anyways, I thought I’d just let you know that I am another Catholic man in his twenties who is trying to live the Church’s message of chastity with same-sex attraction, and I have recently started making YouTube videos about it. I entered the link to the videos I have made so far in one of the “Leave a Comment” boxes, and my email is in one of them too…I hope you can see them. Anyways, contact me if you feel God calling you to do so. I am just very much of the opinion that all of us with similar struggles in this issue need to really band together if we want to make an effective witness to the culture…currently there are some Catholics with this type of story being open about their faith journeys, but we are all so fragmented at this point. Let’s unite, huh?!

    God bless you for this work you do,


    1. Georgeyork

      Good that you are also sharing some stuff. I think sharing and caring is one good way of keeping the spirits high and encouraging others.


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