Guest Post

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Shouldn’t be posting! Because I’m at work! But it’ll just take 2 minutes! To tell you about my small guest post! Over at the blog of the redoubtable Simcha Fisher!

Mechanical Legs

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One summer, age 15, I looked around and noticed I was in a fantastic mood. It wasn’t occasioned by anything in particular. I remember the quality of the sunlight and the feeling of lightness. I told myself, Fix this moment in your memory; you’re feeling good for no reason. Next time you’re feeling bad for no reason, remember this, come back here. Naturally, this never ...


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Passing this along from a friend. One small but easy way to get your voice heard. Took me about 5-10 minutes. I’m currently a senior at Trinity College in CT working on a thesis looking at the sources of influence on the beliefs and practices of Christians who experience same-sex attraction. I’ve been trying to read, listen to, and interview numerous Christians who do have ...

It Hardly Hurts At All

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If you don’t mind their trademark combination of foulness, expletives, poop jokes, and brilliant insight, I highly recommend this article on Cracked: Five Great Joys In Life That Healthy People Never Experience. If you’re lucky enough to have a condition that can be treated — not even cured, just treated a little — the moment the medication kicks in is like unlocking a ...

Enlarging the Concept Of the Human

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Gosh, William Lynch just gets better and better: The sick [i.e. the mentally ill] deeply fear that they are not human. They interpret an endless variety of problems and distresses as nonhuman. I remember I used to feel that it would be a relief to have the kind of problems that “normal” people had: in high school, worrying about girls; in college, about grades; later, about money. ...

Images Of Hope

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I’ve got no words for you today, so I give you the words of Fr. William F. Lynch. These are excerpts from Images of Hope, which I have been reading on and off since about March. It was one of the very few things that helped at all when things were darkest. It contains some of the most breathtakingly dead-on observations about depression I’ve ever seen, and no small amount of ...