There are a lot of very screwed up gay Catholics out there. By “screwed up” I mean isolated, neurotic, guilt-ridden, anxious, depressed, tormented, narcissistic, and self-pitying.

It’s impossible to say whether this is the effect of a regime of imposed celibacy. Because what we’re seeing is not just a generation of people who have grown up under a regime of imposed celibacy. We’re seeing a generation of people who have grown up under a regime of imposed celibacy and imposed silence.

Of the two, I very much suspect that silence is more destructive. Celibacy can ennoble. Silence can kill. Let’s make things easier for the next generation, and see how they turn out.

3 thoughts on “Celibacy and Silence

  1. maria


    i got an email with a text written but, it was translated to portuguse ” the truth about attraction for the same sex. you are a great man. I am a catholic too and your words move me. thank you so much.


  2. Dan

    That’s the beauty of your blog – it gives us the courage to speak out, and at the same time to push celibacy. I’ve been silent for most of my 82 years, and celibate – and the silence has been by far the most difficult!


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