I had some unexpected news this morning that I’m still digesting. Not a tragedy, just a huge pain in the @$$ that is going to scramble some of my plans. Well, so it goes. But it means I didn’t get any writing done, because it scrambled my brain, too, and I had to spend a lot of time on the phone being regrettably uncharitable to people at call centers.

Luckily, Alex Lambis of Splendid Glory has posted the second part of an interview we did a while back. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Off the Cuff, Part II

  1. LaLaLand

    I hope it’s not infuriating to hear this, but I’m saying a prayer for you!!! Sometimes non-tragedies are most difficult to deal with. Hugs…

  2. Angelo Carlini (real name)

    I am not a Catholic (I was a Catholic for 30 years before I converted to another faith) however, I do have SSA, for as long as I can remember. I did not choose this condition nor did I choose to be right-handed, nor did I choose to have hazel eyes. I attended a Parochial High School (all 4 years), read the entire Catholic Encyclopedia and wanted to become a Christian Brother (St. John Baptist de la Salle). I am older the 75 and have for many years researched (mainly on the dubious Internet) the subject of homosexuality. Less than a year ago, I came across an article that appeared to have some validity and rationale. I checked it out extensively on snopes.com but, found nothing on this subject. I have not acted (except in fantasy) on my “condition” since I did some experimenting at age 19. Having now digested this article, I will now:
    stop viewing male (and female) pornographic material in all its forms
    stop fantasizing
    remain celebate (I was married for 53+ years ….. am now a widower ….. and fathered 3 children, in the conventional manner ….. so, I guess I was/am bi-sexual). And I will share that article with you, (I am sure it will be well met by many of your readers). The article is: “What Science Knows About Homosexuality” ….. it is rather extensive so, I have abstracted the following:
    “Homosexuality is a congenital condition much like being “left-handed”. Instead of excess testosterone, the developing male fetus receives too little, often too late.
    A review of current research shows that there is no evidence supporting a social cause for homosexuality [8, 9]. On the contrary, there are multiple studies, both with animals and humans, demonstrating the causative relationship with the pre-natal testosterone during a critical stage in “defeminization”.
    Embryology teaches that early embryos all start out as female. At some point in early gestation, if the chromosomes destine the fetus to be male, the embryo is altered by the genetically programmed addition of certain hormones, called androgens. These androgens, especially testosterone, instruct the embryo to develop male characteristics. In their absence, the embryo continues to develop into a female.
    An “XX” pair of chromosomes will yield a female; an “XY” pair will result in a male. The “X” is always contributed from the mother (since she has only “X’s”), but the father can contribute either an “X” or a “Y”– so it is the father’s genetic contribution that determines the gender of the child. If homosexual men have “XY” pairs which are typically male in all respects, what makes their hypothalamus different? If the baby carries “XY” chromosomes and is destined to become a male, testosterone needs to activate the newly forming hypothalamus. This is the first known critical phase of “defemin-ization” when something can go awry, upsetting the master plan.[10]
    If a mother is stressed during the early stages of pregnancy, she will release an adrenaline related hormone into her shared bloodstream with her unborn baby. This hormone, called androstendione, is structurally similar to testosterone, the male hormone. Both are androgens, but testosterone is more than twenty times as potent as androstendione.

    P.S. I don’t use that email address which I listed those it is a valid email address


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