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The interview went great. I’m grateful to Chris over at Warrior Catholic, and to the people who called in. You can find an archive of the whole half hour here.

Paul H. asks:

Any chance you could post a list of the other christian gay online/print resources that you mentioned during the show?

Sure! These were off the top of my head, and there are a few I forgot to mention. A few of them are also listed on the sidebar, further down the page, under “Gay Miscellany.” But here you go. A lot of these people have books, twitter accounts, etc., but judicious googling will get you that stuff.

And then here are a few I forgot to mention:

Happy Sunday!

How ’bout this: The Warrior Catholic wants to interview me. I’m excited. If you don’t know already, I have a deep, mellifluous, exceedingly masculine voice that has been compared to:

  • Butter,
  • Dark velvet, and
  • Vin Diesel.

Some of that is true.

Anyway the interview will be on Sunday, September 16th, at 3pm EST. You can even — whoa — call in with questions. Details for how to listen and how to call in are on the site.

As for everything else: yup, sorry, I haven’t blogged in over a week. It’s not on purpose. I tried to write a post about how an encounter with a jerk who said he was a Zen Buddhist made me think that maybe he better watch it or people will think all Zen Buddhists are jerks, and then how that made me think about how I better watch it or people will think all Catholics are jerks, but that just turned into me thinking about how I’m not actually that much of a jerk.

So I decided to save writing that post for later, when I have become humble. It might be a while.

Meantime, I am not being silent on purpose; it’s just that my poor introverted life has been flooded lately with seeing people and doing things with them. Imagine my surprise to discover that I have been enjoying it. More as soon as I have something worth saying. Peace.

The good people at Real Presence Radio showed me how you can stream, or even download, my first interview over there: you go here.

Today’s interview was something of an adventure. I got the time right this time, hooray, and I even planned ahead by asking a coworker if I could borrow his office so I could have a line with decent reception; and I even gave them the right extension.

So what happens? They call the receptionist asking for “Steve” at extension 250. Receptionist says to herself, “Steve? But he’s at extension 238,” and helpfully forwards the call to the guy who’s actually named Steve. The Real Steve is confused about why a Catholic radio station would be calling him, and hangs up.

Meanwhile the show’s producer is trying to track down the fake Steve (that’s me), who has given up on the landline and has gone out to his car to smoke a fretful cigarette. Finally his cell phone rings and, the signal being of acceptable quality, we proceed with the interview. Phew!

I may possibly have engaged in a little Catholic Lying when my coworkers traced the whole debacle back to me. So now they think I’m a minor Catholic celebrity (whoa, is that true??), and, I’m sorry to say, they probably think the producer is a little incompetent for having confused the name “________”1 with the name “Steve” for no discernible reason.

Oh, did I mention the producer is also named Steve? Too many Steves.

1 That’s right! My real name is ________! I always have to spell it for people.

Roxane Salonen of Real Presence Radio has invited Fr. Jim Livingston and me to appear on her show a second time. The show will air at 9:00 am CST (that’s 10:00 am EST), this Tuesday, January 17th. The first segment will feature a couple from the Marriage Encounter movement; then from 9:30 – 10:30 it’ll be Father Jim and I; and then Patrick Coffin (whoa! Reunion! But I don’t think we’ll get the chance to chat) from 10:30 – 11:00.

You can find more information, and can listen online, by going here.

So, I’m not going to lie, I like being on the radio, but I think I am starting to get a fat head. I just finished recording a short-notice interview with Cy Kellett of Catholic Radio of San Diego.

You can listen live on the web tomorrow — that’s Wednesday, Dec. 14 — at 6pm PST (9pm for east-coasters), by going to catholicradioofsandiego.com and clicking on the “Listen live” button (duh). Looks like maybe there’ll be a podcast but forgot to ask.

Geez, pray for my humility. But maybe not in such a way that my pants fall down in front of a client or something. Pray carefully, that’s all.