Give Your Heart

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Today’s Gospel1 starts with Jesus going off to hide and be alone so he can process the death of his friend and cousin. But he arrives at his prayer-place — maybe it was his favorite spot, maybe it was where he always went in times of deep distress, to be alone with the Father — to find it overrun with people clamoring for his attention: heal us, help us, give us what ...

Madonna House, Part III of III: Poustinia

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A friend tells me that she once sat and meditated for an hour and half, only to discover at the end that what she had been meditating on, scene by scene, was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. There is a moment in prayer when you really do achieve emptiness: you actually manage to rid yourself of all the things that typically consume and distract you, every last worry and earworm and ...

Deep Calls To Deep

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Guess what you guys! We interrupt our regular schedule of not-posting-on-Thursdays to bring you this post over on Catholic Exchange. It’s really nice to be writing publicly as Joseph Prever again; I mean, it’s really nice for there to be only one of me. It’s also nice to write stuff that isn’t about gayness in particular. Anyway, here’s an excerpt. Is it safe to ...

Seven Quick Takes, Vol. 7: Procrastination Edition

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1 – Excuse #1 I didn’t write anything last week because I spent most of the day at [a high school] in Rhode Island, a Catholic all-boys’ school where I was invited as a guest speaker to four theology classes, all composed of juniors and seniors. It was great fun to put my teaching hat back on — teaching, I maintain, is a branch of performance art — and I was ...

Fishermen and Whores

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“I think,” says Fr. John from behind the confessional screen, “that we tend to see our sexuality as a burden, instead of a gift.” He laughs to himself a little, maybe thinking You and me both, buddy; you know as well as I do that celibacy is no joke. “It feels like a burden because it’s so powerful,” he continues, “and so hard to control. But ...

Power Vacuum

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That God exists and that He is good, I have no doubt. But I don’t know what His goodness means. Some time ago, my old friend R. left the Church. She left because, she said, the pressure of trying to make her everyday experience, all things manifold and strange and painful and joyful and contradictory, fit within the structure of Catholicism, was making her crazy. So she stopped trying ...

The Gift of a Burden

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It’s amazing how telling people about your SSA changes your perspective on the matter. I just reconnected with my old friend J. I called because he had just broken off his engagement and I thought he might be a mess about it. Turned out he was more or less okay; eventually the conversation turned, like they usually do with J. (even when he is not engaged, he tends to have marriage on ...

Who Is God?

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When I was young I asked my mother: How come God is the one who’s God, instead of somebody else? I don’t remember what she said, and I still don’t know the answer, unless the answer is “That’s the wrong question.” Or: God is not the kind of being who might have been otherwise. Or: God isn’t any kind of being, He’s just Being, full stop. I often ...

Desiring Desire

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“I was not in love as yet, but I was in love with love; and, from a hidden hunger, I hated myself for not feeling more intensely a sense of hunger. I was looking for something to love, for I was in love with loving, and I hated security and a smooth way, free from snares.”1 Not in love, but in love with loving! Not desiring, but desiring to desire! People are not simple.2 ...

Ps 144

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So I come home from Kung Fu this afternoon and read this in my daily meditation: “Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for war.” Being a Catholic is just so freaking cool. Hello to all the new visitors from Young and Catholic and elsewhere! It’s wonderful to meet you, and thank you for the emails. Answers forthcoming as soon as may be.