One More Reason To Love Walker Percy:

This excellent article by Michael Baruzzini, titled Walker Percy, Bourbon, and the Holy Spirit.


“Affection is made concrete with actions. Handshakes between colleagues, hugs and kisses between friends not only display, but actually create or make real the respect and affection between people. The true value of a family dinner lies at this level: we are a family because we eat together; we eat together because we are a family. It is in this act that our being as a family is made real, not fantasy. To take what may be the most powerful example, marital love is incarnated in the marital act. The coy euphemism ‘making love’ has more truth to it than we may realize.”

4 Comments on “One More Reason To Love Walker Percy:”

  1. Theresa says:

    Love this! Checked out the whole article, too, and love that! Thank you!

  2. Ron says:

    There is nothing like close physical contact to express our love and affection for another person. The challenge for those of us living with ssa is how to do this without going overboard. I think sometimes we mistake the need for physical contact with our need to make a deep emotional or spiritual connection with another.

  3. jp says:

    honestly, i think the difficulty (for me) has been knowing the difference between a deep, spiritual connection with another on the one hand, and lust on the other.

  4. Ron says:

    jp: You and me both!

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