Wooden Cross Drawings

I’m enjoying your company
should I become a recluse
can a man be chaste

physics for pleasure
pussy demeanor
gay and the latin mass

crosses with barbed wire
wounded king
every thing about costing

iron horse gay
wes welker gay
a tree will dry

gay grease monkeys
is gay a real feeling
do your balls swell when you die?

WHAT emotions does a dry tree show
I love my motorcycle bad Fay just leave

7 Comments on “Wooden Cross Drawings”

  1. current lector says:

    “Where can your hiding be,
    Beloved, that you left me thus to moan
    While like the stag you flee
    Leaving the wound with me?
    I followed calling loud, but you had flown.

    O shepherds, you that, yonder,
    Go through the sheepfolds of the slope on high,
    If you, as there you wander,
    Should chance my love to spy,
    Then tell him that I suffer, grieve, and die

    My loves to search for there,
    Among these mountains and ravines I’ll stray,
    Nor pluck flowers, nor for fear
    Of prowling beasts delay,
    But pass through forts and frontiers on my way.

    O thickets, densely trammeled,
    Which my love’s hand has sown along the height:
    O field of green, enameled
    With blossoms, tell me right
    If he has passed across you in his flight?

    -‘Diffusing showers of grace
    In haste among these groves his path he took,
    And only with his face,
    glancing around the place,
    Has clothed them in his beauty with a look’ ”

    – St. John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticle

  2. Ron says:

    Current Lector: Thanks – I love St. John of the Cross.

  3. Dang, you try to be silly and look what happens. I like the poem.

    The one I posted, to be clear, was made from search terms that, for better or worse, landed people on my blog.

  4. current lector says:

    It’s search terms eh? – should have checked the tag 🙂 Nonetheless it actually makes a kind of sense, a collection of images that makes me think of thrashing around looking for something eternal amid chaos – hence the association to John of the Cross.

  5. Ron says:

    Steve, I was wondering where that came from. I thought either alcohol or sleep deprivation was involved.

  6. Wsquared says:

    Steve, that poem made me do a double-take. But your explanation of where it comes from made me howl with laughter.

  7. TroyC says:

    The first stanza, in particular, is chillingly relevant.

    And the second to last, lol.

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