What a weight off: my beloved motorcycle is no longer sitting on the street getting rained on, but is safe in a friend’s barn. Just in time for the snowstorm that’s still raging outside.

It took me two hours to drive the thirty miles home, fifteen miles an hour on the highway, basking in the green and orange flashes from snow-weighted branches drooping onto power lines, laughing when the streetlights went out. It was like a miniature apocalypse. Who doesn’t love a good apocalypse?

I enjoy being snowbound for the same reason I enjoy traffic jams and power outages. Priorities are suddenly different: having limited options makes leisure possible. We think having options makes us free, but it just makes us confused. I can do anything I want to? I think I’ll watch TV.

But if I can do only one thing — say, sit in traffic smoking cigarettes and getting a warm glow of schadenfreude from watching everyone else get irritated — I am free to enjoy every second.

Happy blizzard, New Englanders. May your lives come to a beautiful halt.

6 Comments on “Bound”

  1. Ron says:

    The worst part of an early season snowfall is how people forget how to drive in the snow. The best part: when you can stay home, watch the snow, and just “be” for a while. Enjoy!!

    “Ice and snow, bless the Lord. Praise and exalt him above all forever” (Daniel 3:70).

  2. B says:

    I okie wing homebound so I can make candy… You seE I must do something to keep the children in a good mood. Too much t.v. makes them grumpy.

  3. B says:

    Uh, like and being… Autocorrect isn’t my friend

  4. Tara S says:

    “We think having options makes us free, but it just makes us confused.”

    Darned. Tootin.

  5. Liz says:

    Twenty years ago I moved from the desert southwest to rural Minnesota. By far, one of the greatest discoveries I was treated to was that frozen, come-to-a-complete-stop pace of a good blizzard. I love it and am just a wee bit jealous of you, Steve. Enjoy your winter wonderland!

  6. Mark from PA says:

    I couldn’t believe that it actually snowed and stuck to the ground. I thought that we would get a couple of inches but it would melt when it hit the road. What a surprise to get 7 inches. It was the first time we had a snow plow on our street in October. Also lost power for a couple of hours. But we were lucky because from what I hear some people are still without power. Glad you enjoyed the snow.

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