Blame and Responsibility

Good thoughts by Melinda Selmys over at Sexual Authenticity.

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  1. Dan S. says:

    Thank you for passing this blog along. I did not know about Melinda’s blog.
    What other goodies, like this, do you have to share with us?

  2. Pat says:

    Thanks so much Steve! So much wisdom and hope.

    “The genesis of homosexuality is, as the Catechism points out, unknown. It is also not especially important. The much greater and more essential truth is that this too is a way in which the works of God might be displayed in a human life.”
    Melinda Selmys in the “Blame and Responsibility” (the article you just linked us to.)

  3. savvy says:


    I got into a debate with a friend about St. Augustine’s views on sexual selfishness even in a marriage.

    It made me do some reflecting.

    Sexual love when reconciled with the love of God or agape ascends higher.

    This higher manifests itself as permanence, faithfulness, open to life etc.

    This is only possible in a permanent union between a man and a woman also known as marriage.

    For Catholics with same-sex attractions the call to ascend to this higher love this remains.

    This can be done through chaste friendship and mystical union with God as Eve Tushnet puts it.

    What are your views on this?

    1. I agree. I wrote a bit about that topic here.

  4. savvy says:

    Thanks Steve. I have heard Catholics make the argument that God sees our hearts, not what we do with our bodies.

    Can our hearts be divorced from our bodies?

    1. They can, but it makes a bloody mess.

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