Oh Snap!

Marc Barnes totally nails it over at Bad Catholic today. Excerpt:

So once again…why is it that following Christ while disdaining religion leads to the direct contradiction of Christ’s teachings? It’s a silliness of modern Christianity, to love Christ partially — “Ah yes, he saved me, died for me, opened the gates of Heaven for me, and I accept him as my personal Lord and Savior, but not what he said about that whole no divorce thing. That was just whack and unloving.”

Speaking of BC, I love this bit in Marc’s “contact me” section: “All death threats will be disregarded unless written in iambic pentameter.”

5 Comments on “Oh Snap!”

  1. Georg Laig says:

    This guy cracks me up! I saw the video for the first time yesterday, I log onto facebook and lo and behold – there is Marc’s brilliant rebuttal.

  2. Peter M says:

    I saw the video this morning, and ten minutes later found Marc’s response. That’s one of the things I love about being Catholic; there’s a good chance someone else has already said what you think, and said it better.

  3. Lori says:

    oh wow … God’s timing is awesome and so is yours. Between this video, my brothers sharing a Bill Maher video, and another Christian blogger complaining about Christian’s “singular focus” on abortion, I’ve been very discouraged today. Thank you.

  4. Rayjo says:

    Yeah, my Catholic friends have been spreading that video around. I guess it’s good that it’s getting such discussion because Catholics especially can fall victim the idea of the law overriding living according to the law (ie the healing on the Sabbath scenario).
    In my humble opinion, it’s way better to go to church and feel like the reverence of the setting through our traditions than to show up to a windowless room listening to people talk (people don’t talk at mass, someone reads the liturgy and someone gives the homily).

  5. Kevin says:


    Here’s a spoken word rebuttal a priest in my diocese did. It’s my favorite response so far!

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