The good people at Real Presence Radio showed me how you can stream, or even download, my first interview over there: you go here.

Today’s interview was something of an adventure. I got the time right this time, hooray, and I even planned ahead by asking a coworker if I could borrow his office so I could have a line with decent reception; and I even gave them the right extension.

So what happens? They call the receptionist asking for “Steve” at extension 250. Receptionist says to herself, “Steve? But he’s at extension 238,” and helpfully forwards the call to the guy who’s actually named Steve. The Real Steve is confused about why a Catholic radio station would be calling him, and hangs up.

Meanwhile the show’s producer is trying to track down the fake Steve (that’s me), who has given up on the landline and has gone out to his car to smoke a fretful cigarette. Finally his cell phone rings and, the signal being of acceptable quality, we proceed with the interview. Phew!

I may possibly have engaged in a little Catholic Lying when my coworkers traced the whole debacle back to me. So now they think I’m a minor Catholic celebrity (whoa, is that true??), and, I’m sorry to say, they probably think the producer is a little incompetent for having confused the name “________”1 with the name “Steve” for no discernible reason.

Oh, did I mention the producer is also named Steve? Too many Steves.

1 That’s right! My real name is ________! I always have to spell it for people.

14 Comments on “Steve”

  1. liz o. says:

    A veritable den of Steves…


  2. Ron says:

    Steve, Steve, and Steve.

  3. Br. Andrew says:

    All gay men are named Mark, Rick, or Steve.

  4. Laura Vellenga says:

    with the exception of the PBS travel guy, rick steves, who from all appearances is happily married.

    1. Maybe the Rick cancels out the Steve.

  5. Peter M says:

    First thing that jumped into my mind was the MST3K episode where they riffed “Night of the Blood Beast”; there’s a point where every character is named Steve:

    And if people don’t know what MST3K is…well, I’ll just retreat into my nerdy shell.

  6. Renee says:

    My husband is Stephen, whatever you do… DO NOT call him Steve.

  7. The Sheepcat says:

    Yes, ____,1 you are a minor Catholic celebrity.

    1. Rats, there goes our conjectured name for you, which is not hard to spell.

  8. Joe K. says:

    “________” huh? I pictured you more as a “———-“. You think you know a guy…

  9. Dan S. says:

    Hello, _______. My name is $rtx/?bm. Pleased to meet you.

  10. Christine says:

    I thought it would have been cool if your name really was Steve (but with a different last name) and you used Steve as a pseudonym as well because (1) it would be easy for you to remember and to respond to without worrying about accidentally giving the wrong name and (2) if you made your pseudonym Steve, then how many people would guess that your name really was Steve?

    But clearly, your name is not Steve but ___________. So my cool theory is out.

  11. liz says:

    I just have to say…I think all of these responses are so very witty and fun to read. 🙂

  12. Sarah says:

    ‘_________’, this is what I immediately thought of when I found out your real name. you’ve gotta watch this. 😉

    1. Hilarious. I love these guys.

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