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Happy Easter! One thing I like about Easter: everything. But besides that, there’s the fact that we get what amounts to a week full of Sundays. No good excuse not to rejoice.1

I’m just coming out of a three-week funk, and that’s an awfully long time for me. I tried all my best tricks, but still didn’t feel like it was ever going to stop. That it did stop — thanks, by the way, for all your prayers — had a lot to do with Easter and the Deep Magic from Before the Dawn of Time, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about it one day; but for now it just needs to sit and marinate.2

Meanwhile, I have been reading some pretty good stuff. I made use of some of my store credit at a worthy institution and got a hold of Jacques Philippe’s Searching For and Maintaining Peace. It was just exactly what I needed. This is one of the passages that got underlined and double-starred.

We must put everything, without exception, into the hands of God, not seeking any longer to manage or ‘to save’ ourselves by our own means: not in the material domain, nor the emotional, nor the spiritual. We cannot divide human existence into various sectors: certain sectors where it would be legitimate to surrender ourselves to God with confidence and others where, on the contrary, we feel we must manage exclusively on our own.3

What was particularly helpful for me was the insistence that we need to put our emotional needs in God’s hands, too. I’ve always been pretty good about putting my material needs in his hands, but only because I’ve never been poor, and it’s easy to trust that you’ll keep having what you’ve always had.

What I find difficult is the idea that he’ll take care of me on the inside, too. This book is helping with that.

Okay, that’s all from Lake Wobegon. Keep soldiering on, keep praying, and remember that, thank God, it’s not all up to you. These days I’m wondering if any of it is.

1 And if you can’t rejoice with your feelings, rejoice with your will. Not as much fun but it gets the job done.
2 Till it’s nice and tasty.
3 p. 37.

6 Comments on “Report From the Front”

  1. Maria says:

    Hi Steve, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and every time I do, I think, “Wow, he’s amazing.” You inspire me and uplift me and make me think, even when you’re talking about a funk similar to the one I’m in. You have a way with words – it must be one of your spiritual gifts, and I’m so happy you’ve chosen to share them with the Body of Christ. Happy happy happy happy Easter!!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    My particular favorite feastday…Divine Mercy Sunday!! First Sunday after Easter!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hey Steve,
    love the blog. I’m also really happy you’ve stumbled upon Fr. Jacques Philippe. I’ve read 3 of his books, and they are all fantastic spiritual reads! Searching For and Maintaining Peace was a book I took with me to World Youth Day last summer, and it helped a lot.

    Keep up the great writing. Happy Easter!

  4. George says:

    Have you read his book “Interior Freedom”? That is my favorite book by Jacques Phillipe. It is something I can keep coming back to and drawing something fresh out of.

  5. Dan Hogan says:

    … “Thank God… it’s not all to you:” the truest of sentiments, the most difficult to accept! We are all control freaks; to give it up is the hardest thing I ever did, and the most satisfying! And truly we should Thank God for it!

  6. Lynn G. says:

    Hey Steve–do you think your funk has anything to do with Lent? I had a heck of a Lent, particularly the last half, and Good Friday and Holy Saturday were a beast. But it is better now.

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