Small Reminder:

When the Apostles learned of the Resurrection, they were overjoyed.

They were also confused and scared and had no idea what was going on. Nor did they know about the blessings and the tremendous new works of God that were heading in their direction.

“My Father is working still,” says Jesus; “and I am working.” Easter is the beginning, not the end.

Just in case your Easter is not proceeding according to plan. Let us rejoice and continue to work, and most of all, pray: Come, Holy Spirit.

2 Comments on “Small Reminder:”

  1. Greg says:

    The Church is a wise mother in giving us six weeks of Lent but eight weeks of Easter.

  2. Maggie L says:

    This was certainly timely! During Holy Week, especially Good Friday, I was thinking about how it is in so many ways easier for us to remember the events of the Passion, Death and Resurrection, because we *know* how the story is going to end, with Christ Triumphant; not so, as you point out, for those who experienced it with him.

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