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…for a post called A Conversation With My Gay Friend by the courageous & articulate Jennifer Fulwiler. Snip:

I knew I was going to have a hard time making my case; Andrew and I had such utterly different worldviews, it would be as if I were speaking through a distortion microphone that warps your voice and replaces every other word with random offensive phrases.


“Anyway,” I continued, “in this view you are constantly having to make sacrifices out of respect for what this act is all about: If you’re totally open to having kids, then there are the sacrifices that come with birth and raising children; if you’re abstaining during fertile times, you’re sacrificing. Infertile couples sacrifice by not using artificial methods like in vitro to force new life into existence. Gay men and women sacrifice by living chaste lives, as do people separated from their spouses, and people who are not yet married, or whose spouse has died. Notice that we’re all sacrificing, and that all of the sacrifices are about the same thing: love and respect for new human life, and specifically the act that creates new human life.”

Highly recommended!

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  1. Mark from PA says:

    That was an interesting article. It is good that Jennifer actually talks to her gay friends. At the moment I really have an issue with Catholics that have a strong dislike for and in some cases even hatred for gay people. It is hard for me to believe that some people have such a strong dislike for gay people that they won’t even use the word gay. Years ago I didn’t really use it either but after coming across some people it has become easier for me to use.

    1. Ima says:

      Mark, the people I know who don’t use the word “gay” are not avoiding the word out of any kind of hatred or bigotry, but because they felt that the use of the word implied approval of the militant gay ideology, or of the gay lifestyle. At best it was ambiguous. I didn’t use it myself till lately, when I decided it had become just the normal word for homosexual people.

  2. Thank you SO much, Steve. It’s funny, a couple of hours after I posted it, I had a delayed reaction where I realized that I hadn’t linked to you in the post. I was horrified, feeling like it was a sham of a post for not including a Steve Gershom link. Anyway, hopefully I’ll do a follow-up at some point, and I’ll remedy that grievous error. 🙂

    1. Heaven forfend anyone should say anything about gays on the internet without mentioning me…But thanks. 🙂

  3. Peter M says:

    Great article. Bravo Jen for speaking the truth with compassion! Not to mention patience.

  4. I read the article this morning and think it’s definitely one to keep. The topic was discussed with sensitivity and without any dissidence, but most importantly, making sure that Catholic Values were explained in a direct and unequivocal manner. Plain and simple. Superb.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Yes! That was such a great article! This is the kind of conversation I avoid like the plague because it’s so easy to get flustered when trying to describe it as a faithful person who doesn’t have same sex attraction. I do hope her friend walked away believing she was *not* a homophobe.

  6. Viajero says:

    As someone who does have major same-sex attraction and tries to live faithfully, I, too, avoid this kind of conversation because I totally get flustered easily with confrontation. I really admire Jennifer and everyone who has the courage to even try to speak the truth in love.

  7. Kris says:

    I loved this post. I have someone very close to me who struggle with same sex attraction and is not living within the teachings of the Church. It’s very difficult to have any conversation, because she often makes comments about “hate groups” in relation to anyone or any group that supports a traditional view of marriage. And comments about people being biased, prejudiced, bigoted, etc. if they disagree with same-sex marriage. I wish I could express myself clearly like Jen did in her post when the topic comes up. I’m almost tempted to just memorize what she wrote!!

  8. Mark from PA says:

    Ima, I think most gay people prefer the word gay. Some think that the word homosexual places too much emphasis on “sex” and one’s orientation is more complex than that. I am not comfortable with the expression “same sex attraction” because where I live I never hear that term. I never heard it before I was on the internet. From what I understand this term was coined by the NARTH organization, a group which tries to con people into believing that they can change their sexual orientation and sees being gay as something like a disease that needs to be cured. I also get irritated by people that compare being gay to being an alcoholic and worse.

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