I don’t know anything about the man who used to be Jorge Mario Bergoglio and is now Pope Francis. I don’t know if he’s fit to lead the Church, or if he’s as humble as they say, or if he’s the right man for this particular time in history.

I just know I really like him. Maybe it was because he somehow made me stare for ages, first at a chimney, then at a door, feeling totally thrilled to be doing so. Maybe, after that, I’d feel the same about anybody who walked through that door.

It was the way he addressed the crowd — nothing self-deprecating, nothing self-aggrandizing, just a kind of: “Oh, hello. Kind of funny that we’re all here, isn’t it?”

Maybe it’s this picture of him on the bus:


He just looks so daily.

It’s also the fact that he decided to call himself Francis, after St. Francis of Assisi. It makes me think of the Bishop I met in Peru, on Pentecost Sunday, who I didn’t realize was the Bishop, because he was dressed like nobody in particular, and he kept hugging everyone and laughing.

I dunno, we’ll have to wait and see what he’s like, I guess. They’re gonna dig up whatever they can find on him, naturally, and the more scurrilous the better. ‘S okay; I imagine the poor man has some idea of what he’s in for. So we will have to remember him in our prayers.

Oh, er, this just showed up on my facebook feed. Yes, exactly: this.


8 Comments on “Francis”

  1. Ima says:

    I love the three photos! I love our Pope Francis! He gives me hope.

  2. Roxy says:

    Love that meme. Makes me want to hop over to the Vatican with a batch of cupcakes and give him a big bear hug.

  3. Jon. says:

    Steve, I totally know what you mean. Leave it to a bunch of Papists to love a man they’ve never even heard of for really no explainable reason. It’s totally the Holy Spirit. Viva il Papa! Viva Francisco!

  4. Haley says:

    That last image cracks me up every time I see it…
    I will be Confirmed this Easter and I saw Benedict as a beloved grandfather, especially when I knew he would step down. Comparatively, Pope Francis is like a nice, quiet uncle. It is definitely different and I identify with the “I don’t know anything” bit, but I am looking forward to hearing and seeing what our new Holy Father has to say and do.

    Long time reader but first ever comment here. Thank you for your blog, Steve. 🙂

  5. Christie says:

    Looking forward to this new season!

  6. Briana says:

    My primary feeling towards the Holy Father these past few days has been an immense desire to hug him. I love him so much already.

  7. Maria says:

    Hey Steve – found your blog through your guest post on Matt Fradd’s blog. Thanks for being so open. You certainly have a gift for writing and your heart for God has made me feel invigorated on this Wednesday afternoon. Would that we all wanted God more than we wanted to feel good!

    Looking forward to reading more!


  8. albert says:

    God bless your heart and your head. It’s good to be back here

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