Deep Calls To Deep

Guess what you guys! We interrupt our regular schedule of not-posting-on-Thursdays to bring you this post over on Catholic Exchange. It’s really nice to be writing publicly as Joseph Prever again; I mean, it’s really nice for there to be only one of me.

It’s also nice to write stuff that isn’t about gayness in particular. Anyway, here’s an excerpt.

Is it safe to expose children to such dark images? I think so, or as safe as any real poetry can be; poetry is no tame lion. At that age, I had no categories in my mind for real darkness, and so the darkness couldn’t get in to do me damage. But the image stayed; which meant that when the reality showed up years later, I was not defenseless.

Maybe you could go over there and leave comments, so they’ll think I’m awesome and post my stuff all the time. Peace.

3 Comments on “Deep Calls To Deep”

  1. Pattymelt says:

    Good article — thanks for writing–

  2. savo says:

    Each day I pray. Dear God, in whatever I do today, may my works fulfill joy and not attend to doubt: for I desire to live with thy grace in beauty. Amen

    1. savo says:

      Thank you for your celibatelife. I believe a celibate life is to remember the life to come.

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