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And now for something completely different. Have I never told you about the Grackle? Of course I’ve told you about the Grackle. The Grub Street Grackle is a literary magazine produced by the man below. He’s shrouded in mystery, but you can see him behind the mystery:


The Grackle, as you can imagine, was meta before meta was cool. It recently got reborn, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and rose like a Grackle from the ashes.

There is also the Grackle Rag, which you can find online. The Grackle Rag is careful to point out, John-the-Baptist-like, that it is not the Grackle (“the Grackle is a print literary magazine which you can put on your bookshelf or roll up and use to discipline your dog”).

It does, however, contain some of my stuff that you can read. Last week I wrote a post called 3 Games, and you can read it here. The three games mentioned are games that you can play any time and any where. They are called:

  • Guess the Feeling;
  • I Touch Everything; and
  • I am you

I hope you enjoy them, but you will have to read the post to find out how to play.

If you enjoy them, you can do a few other things:

  • Read a poem that I wrote in college and gave to the Grackle
  • Read a story that I wrote in college and gave to the Grackle
  • Get the Grackle!!!!

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  1. richard says:

    Me: …”to avoid unnecessary complication”.

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