The Nephilim Effect

Dear folks,

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program of posting to bring you this special announcement.

You know my best friend Sal, the dude who shows up with such regularity on my blog that he has his own tag? He wrote a book, which is available on Kindle. It’s the kind of thing only he could have written, which is to say that reading it is a lot like spending time with him. I guess I’ll have to out him, now, too, as J. B. Toner, or just Jamey to me.

J. B. TonerPackaging not typical. Contents under pressure. Some settling may occur during shipping.
Accessories not included. Accoutrements may vary from those shown. Not actual size.

The ideas and images in the book springs are pretty much what you’d get if you cracked open Jamey’s skull on any given Thursday afternoon, which is to say that it’s full of poetry, martial arts, angels, demons, and a liberal helping of qi. Like imagine if G. K. Chesteron and Gerard Manley Hopkins had a baby together and that baby was raised on Dragon Ball Z. That baby would be this book. Actually, that baby would probably be Jamey, but that baby could also write this book.

Okay, a couple of excerpts. Here’s from the bit where one of the characters is starting to awaken to his true nature:

Plato said life was like being chained up in a cave and only ever seeing shadows on the walls from the firelight. But once in a while, someone got loose and made it outside, and then they had to try and figure out what the daylight was and where it came from and what it meant. Maybe that’s what was happening to me, I thought — maybe one of my chains was coming loose.

Then there’s this:

Her face was grave, and unafraid. “If you mean the Devil, then yes. I have seen his face, behind the eyes of men with guns. Most were as you say, only bad men — but some of them were things, evil things, that had taken men’s bodies and their hearts…”

Yipes. And some of this:

At high speeds on narrow streets, nothing’s in the distance; everything explodes in your face, a wailing plummeting kaeidoscope of streaking headlights and swerving grilles, Dopplering horns, shrieking brakes, and the earth-shattering roar of your engine.

Okay, you should probably just buy it. It’s available as a Kindle ebook only, at least for the moment, but if you don’t have a Kindle you can still read it on your PC or your Apple device or your Android.

It’s the start of a series, too, called The Shoreless Sea. The book is called The Nephilim Effect, and here is the link.


Love and barley,

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