Patronize Me

Do you know about Patreon? It’s a good way to help your favorite writers (and artists, and musicians, and whoever) do what they do — you pledge a buck a month or more to cover whatever peculiar lifestyle arrangements are necessary for them to keep doing what they do. In my case, that pretty much means (1) coffee shops, (2) web hosting, and (3) my four-day work week so I can devote one day to Steve Gershom stuff. (I know: poor me.)

If you’re interested, here’s my Patreon page. If you’re not, no worries, keep doing what you do, which is being awesome and sometimes, if you please!, hefting up a prayer or two in my direction.

One Comment on “Patronize Me”

  1. mike says:

    Love your sense of humor. Keep writing. Congrats.

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