Seven Extremely Quick Takes

1: I was just going to take a whole post to say this, but I thought that would be cruel. So I’ll take 1/7 of a post to say it: effective immediately, I will be posting on Sundays instead of Fridays. I’m working on something large & rambling that I really hope will be done by Sunday, and if it is, that’ll be my first Sunday post.

2: This soundtrack is gorgeous, and if my chiptune aspirations ever come to fruition, I hope I’ll sound a bit like disasterpeace.

3: May God bless you, Robin Williams; may He make His countenance shine upon you; may He grant you peace.

4: Agree or disagree: your sex (i.e. male or female) is an essential part of your personhood?

5: I’m giving a talk to a group of 500 high schoolers next Friday evening. So, prayers are something I wouldn’t mind.

6: My brother-in-law had a mini coming out today. How embarrassing.

7: I am reading this great Russian fantasy novel called Night Watch, which is all about the battle between Light and Darkness, as usual, except it actually asks what those things might mean for individual persons instead of just assuming that the good guys are good and the bad bad. Also it has some pretty awesome conceits and is very, very Russian. Like my friend John H. said on facebook: “Depressive Russian vampires mired in corrupt bureaucracy FTW.”

One Comment on “Seven Extremely Quick Takes”

  1. DasWugo says:

    I agree that sex is an essential part of personhood. It’s a premise I used to argue that making Link female in a future Legend of Zelda game would be a great divergence from the essence of his character. I mean we would feel a loss if Link weren’t wearing his green hat an tunic, so why wouldn’t we mind him losing his Y chromosome?

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