Wednesday Tweet Digest, Vol. 3

The best (according to me) tweets I have twitted over the course of the previous week or so, as a momentary stay against the essential evanescence of twitter.

Thoughts: yup, I definitely seem to be angrier now that the meds are wearing off.

2 Comments on “Wednesday Tweet Digest, Vol. 3”

  1. Kate says:

    Wheee! This is like popcorn. I don’t do the Twitter thing, but I always enjoy getting a little taste of it.

    Also, I think “teleological sexuality” is an awesome bit of terminology.

    (I’m also finding your med-free transition interesting to read bits about. I’m doing a different sort of transition–I’m experimenting with finding out how well I function without my ADHD meds. So far, I’ve learned that I suck at remembering to take my anti-anxiety meds when I forget the make-my-mind-less-leaky focus meds, which is Not a Good Thing. Scatterbrained plus general feelings of dread is a bad combination. Not a productive one, either.)

  2. richard says:

    Keep writing, whatever the cost.

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