Free StupiDoodled Bad Poems, This Month Only!

stupidoodle-sample-jesterA StupiDoodle is a bad, stupid picture that I make for my Patreon backers. Some of them are better than others, but they are all bad and they are all stupid.

Anyhow, Amos J. Hunt and I have a special deal this month. Remember Amos J. Hunt, of the Grackle? Well, here is the deal: Anyone who follows both Amos and me on Patreon this month will get a customized collaboration from both of us.

He will write a bad poem using any three words of your choice, and I will personally illustrate it with one of my StupiDoodles. We promise neither of us will spend more than five minutes, to maximize STUPIDITY and BADNESS. A photograph of the result will be posted on social media and/or e-mailed to you.


Amos J. Hunt:

stupidoodle-sample-peeing-guyBy following us on Patreon (and if you are truly excellent, by backing us), you will bring us one step closer to a significant professional goal that will help both of us to do a lot more writing. If we can each get up to $150/month, we will be able to split the cost of several long-weekend writing retreats every year. Imagine how much we can accomplish spending three days at a time just writing. But we can’t do it without you.

If you also pledge to back both of us (even for as little as $1/month), we’ll send you a physical copy of your bad, stupid thing by physical mail!


Amos J. Hunt:

How to follow us? Good question. Go to our Patreon pages, linked above, and then click the follow button, like dis:


Then email me (stevegershom [at] gmail [dot] com), or Amos (ineffabilis [at] gmail [dot] com), or both, to let us know you want in, and of course to let us know what your three words are.

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