Talk @ University Of Dallas: Gay and Catholic

I’ll be at the University of Dallas tomorrow, giving a talk on (what else) being gay & Catholic. The event isn’t open to the public, unfortunately, but I’ll do my best to post something here about it, whether a transcript or something else. Can’t wait to see my Texas folks again! Not to mention a brief respite from the weather, which is getting progressively gloomier here in MA.

Preparing the talk has been taking up most of my writing time lately. I hope to have more for you once it’s done. Cheers!

2 Comments on “Talk @ University Of Dallas: Gay and Catholic”

  1. kevim says:

    Oh how wonderful for you Joe. I hope they listen with open hearts and minds and all of you enjoy yourselves. May God be with you . I look forward to hearing what happens if you are up to writing about it .

  2. John says:

    Looking forward to your talk tonight, Joe! I’m a student at UD, I love reading your stuff, and I’m excited to meet you in person tonight!

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