Convertigo: Coming Soon

I spent a solid hour yesterday talking with Bryce Taylor of Convertigo, a podcast on Christian converts & ecumenism. We covered a lot of ground…

  • What my family’s Jewish roots mean to me
  • Growing up gay & scared & sad & isolated
  • Coming out of the closet
  • Plunging into the ex-gay world and then fleeing it
  • Finding beauty & solace in the Byzantine rite

…and, yipes, more! It was a packed hour. I’m very grateful to Bryce for letting me spill all that out as a (semi-)coherent narrative.

I’ll post here when the episode is up. Till then, please check out Convertigo’s page on Apple Podcasts, as well as their twitter feed at @convertigopod.


3 Comments on “Convertigo: Coming Soon”

  1. Bruce Lewis says:

    Really looking forward to it!

    1. Bruce Lewis says:

      This was extremely inspirational, Joey. Thanks for it!

      1. I’m happy that you liked it 🙇

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