Breathing Space

Did I tell y’all I’m working on my Master’s in Social Work? I’m about to enter my third and last year. This summer I took an elective in Group Therapy. The final paper was a proposal to create a group for a population I felt was under-served. Obviously I wrote about Queer Christians.

The idea is for people to have an alternative to Dignity (“Catholic teaching is inherently homophobic”), Ex-Gay stuff (“Man up and you’ll learn to like ladies”), and Courage (“Whatever you do, don’t say gay”). Wouldn’t it be lovely if there were a place where you could figure out your stuff on your own time and your own terms without anybody telling you you were homophobic, cowardly, or degenerate?

It was a little scary to pitch the paper to the prof, but she was enthusiastic about the idea, and even told me about a therapist she knows who works with priests and helps them to see celibacy as an expression of, rather than a repression of, their sexuality(!).

Anyway, here’s the paper. Sorry for writing like a grad student.

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