Breathing Space

Did I tell y’all I’m working on my Master’s in Social Work? I’m about to enter my third and last year. This summer I took an elective in Group Therapy. The final paper was a proposal to create a group for a population I felt was under-served. Obviously I wrote about Queer Christians.

The idea is for people to have an alternative to Dignity (“Catholic teaching is inherently homophobic”), Ex-Gay stuff (“Man up and you’ll learn to like ladies”), and Courage (“Whatever you do, don’t say gay”). Wouldn’t it be lovely if there were a place where you could figure out your stuff on your own time and your own terms without anybody telling you you were homophobic, cowardly, or degenerate?

It was a little scary to pitch the paper to the prof, but she was enthusiastic about the idea, and even told me about a therapist she knows who works with priests and helps them to see celibacy as an expression of, rather than a repression of, their sexuality(!).

Anyway, here’s the paper. Sorry for writing like a grad student.

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  1. Peter Mueller says:

    Have you heard of Eden Invitation? ( Brand new movement (two years old, maybe?) that offers that alternative to Dignity, Courage, et al.

    1. Somebody was just telling me about that! It sounds interesting, but I haven’t looked into it yet.

      1. Bruce says:

        I will not support any alternative to Dignity or Courage which doesn’t advocate for two people of the same sex to live together and support each other materially, mentally and spiritually. Eden Invitation may advocate for chastity as much as they want–and I will agree with them–but, until they advocate for obedience to the second-earliest command in the Judaeo-Christian religious tradition, “it is bad for man to be alone,” I will not support them. I plan to make a presentation to the Dignity Convention in San Diego in July of 2021 about Alan Bray’s thesis, in “The Friend,” that “sworn brotherhood” is an ancient tradition of the Catholic and Apostolic Church that needs to be revised, in its original and approved form, called “adelphopoiesis.”

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