Who are you?

I’m a Catholic man in my early thirties. I live in the Boston area. I graduated from The Thomas More College of Liberal arts with a degree in literature. I used to work as a teacher, which I found to be challenging, rewarding, and utterly exhausting. I now work as a web developer, with as much writing as I can squeeze in on the side. The other things I like are motorcycles, Kung Fu, and writing geeky electronic music.

So are you gay, or what?

I identify as gay. To me, the word means that I am persistently and predominantly attracted to other men. The reasons why I choose to use that term, rather than other terms like “homosexual” or “same-sex attracted”, are too many to go into here, but I’ve written some of them down here and elsewhere.

Is Steve Gershom your real name?

Nope. I made it up for an interview I did before I started the blog, and used it as a pseudonym on the blog for several years, before coming out in 2013. My real name is Joseph Prever.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can email me at steve – dot – gershom – at – gmail – dot – com.