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So I’m sitting at St. Clement’s trying to get a good cry in before I start the day. Like you do. It’s an odd hour, so there are only three or four people there. Most of us are scattered, but one, an old African man, is kneeling front and center, in the middle of the aisle, orans position and everything. I already like this guy. He reminds of another old African man — ...
Hang Together

Hang Together

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Somebody asked me the other day why Adoration is the one thing I can hold on to. Context for the question: I’m a hot mess. Without going into specifics, celibacy1 has not been exactly my forte lately. There was a guy,2 and now there isn’t. And although in some ways it ended extremely well, and although a decade and a half of now done darkness3 taught me how to keep a pretty even ...


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Dear Readers, I’m just writing to say hi. I hope you’re well. Sorry it’s been a while. I don’t have any grand themes to expound upon, so maybe writing this post like a letter makes the most sense. I just got back from an extended weekend trip with my Kung Fu school, who I keep referring to as my “Kung Fu family”, because that is how I keep feeling about ...

One Quick Take

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So many posts I’d like to write. Today was better than I expected it to be. In Mass, the readings seemed designed to encourage and challenge me; in Adoration, Jesus reached down deep into my heart and scrubbed away something nasty; and then I got to see my sister, besides. But I should really go to bed instead of posting. Big week ahead of me. I will leave you with this beautiful joke ...