Deep Calls To Deep

6 years ago with 3 comments
Guess what you guys! We interrupt our regular schedule of not-posting-on-Thursdays to bring you this post over on Catholic Exchange. It’s really nice to be writing publicly as Joseph Prever again; I mean, it’s really nice for there to be only one of me. It’s also nice to write stuff that isn’t about gayness in particular. Anyway, here’s an excerpt. Is it safe to ...

The Voice Of the Human Heart

7 years ago with 7 comments
My review of Iris DeMent’s latest, Sing the Delta, is up at Catholic Exchange. Check it out and, gosh, listen to Iris DeMent! She’s the kind of artist who permanently adds to your life something that wasn’t there before.

Catholic Exchange

8 years ago with 36 comments
Woohoo! My post is up over at Catholic Exchange, under the title The Truth About Same Sex Attraction. The truth, imagine! I’m grateful to have been given the chance to extend my audience a little bit — and for everyone who came over here from over there, welcome! Glad to have you and I hope you’ll stick around. Still, a small disclaimer: the dude in the picture over at CE is ...