At the Grackle: On Fartistry

6 years ago with 1 comment
I have a new post up at The Grackle Rag. It is about the following story, which did not happen to me but did happen to someone: Today in math class I had the urge to fart.  I thought that if I dropped my book and farted at the same time, no one would hear it.  I dropped my textbook and everyone looked at me.  Then I farted.  Loudly. And what came of that story: I thought about [the story] ...

Total Perspective Vortex

6 years ago with 10 comments
Look, Matisyahu, I don’t know what your deal is, or why the Reggae and not something less awful,1 or what that accent is, exactly,2 or why you decided to shave your beard or how I feel about that, but I do like that one song that was on the radio forever ago, because damn, how many times has a love song aimed directly at God gotten that much radio play? Not since the heyday of U2, ...

Seven Quick Takes, Vol. 6: Fill ‘Er Up

6 years ago with 7 comments
1 – Long Dark Tea Time It’s been a long time since I was depressed, and that’s amazing. The odd thing is how not-sad is not exactly the same as happy. When I was habitually miserable, I always figured that being free from the constant oppressive darkness was all I could ever ask for. Turns out, nope, my appetite for bliss is infinite, just like CSL said (somewhere ...

Locker Room, Part II: Lizard Brain

6 years ago with 8 comments
My reader continues: One of the things I’ve heard, and come to believe myself…is that that feeling of brotherly masculinity, of being a guy among guys without looking at them or thinking of them in terms of excitement or sexual gratification, only comes with actually throwing yourself into their midst and being around them…When I think like this, it sure sounds reasonable to ...

Podcast Up

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Roxane was kind enough to point out that the podcast of our interview is up. To listen, go to and look on the left sidebar — it’s currently at number 42,1 though that number may change in the future. Thanks, Roxane! 1 Coincidence!?