Interview: Homosexuality, Suffering, and Coming Out

5 years ago with 6 comments
John Paul Shimek of Catholic World Report interviewed me after the recent Courage conference. An excerpt: CWR: Some people seem to want the issue of homosexuality to go away. A good gay Catholic is a closeted gay Catholic, according to them. How can we welcome and accompany those people? What have you learned about how to deal with those people? Prever: With questions like this, I always try ...

Catholic Sexuality

6 years ago with 6 comments
A few weeks ago I headed down to Darkest Jersey to help record a series of video interviews and conversations for‘s section on homosexuality. So I found myself in the august company of Eve Tushnet, Gabriel Blanchard, Joshua Gonnerman, Melinda Selmys, and Ron Belgau. It was fun! And a little exhausting, because we filmed for like eight hours. Anyway, it turns out ...

Off the Cuff, Part II

6 years ago with 5 comments
I had some unexpected news this morning that I’m still digesting. Not a tragedy, just a huge pain in the @$$ that is going to scramble some of my plans. Well, so it goes. But it means I didn’t get any writing done, because it scrambled my brain, too, and I had to spend a lot of time on the phone being regrettably uncharitable to people at call centers. Luckily, Alex Lambis of ...

Off the Cuff

6 years ago with no comments
Alex Lambis of Splendid Glory was kind enough to interview me recently. Catching up on email, I see the interview has been up for several days — you can find it here. Check it out & show Mr. Lambis some love! Maybe if all dozen of you head over there at once, we can saturate his server.

Questions From Arleen Spenceley

6 years ago with 16 comments
Arleen Spenceley, who to judge by her writing appears to be some sort of human Catholic firecracker, is working on a book about love, chastity, and sex. She gave me a mini-email-interview to get a few words from my particular quadrant of that universe, and has agreed to let me stick ’em here, because that way I get an extra post practically for free, and so do you! I wrote this fast, ...

Interview With Simcha Fisher

7 years ago with 8 comments
I keep meaning to tell you, I had a great time being interviewed by Simcha Fisher the other week about the closing of Exodus, the possibility of orientation change, and who would want that anyway. It’s in two parts, and the first one is here. Bits I liked: There are two propositions that you can’t hold at the same time: that homosexual acts are disordered, and that the desire for ...