Search Term Poetry: Doursonofagun

8 years ago with 9 comments
I just wanna say how I feeling — Things about not have sex, or something like that. Is Wes Welker a Jew? Am I gay if I like Patsy Cline? Celibacy is just not my thing; I want to masturbate, but…Catholic. I want to know about Leon Bloy. Black Plague soup, Chicken soup of the death, Oriented, scented bath oil, Gay apes, fury bananas… Who is Steve Gershom? Doursonofagun — ...

Catholic Banana Men

9 years ago with 4 comments
wes welker gay wes welker gay wes welker is gay? is rick moranis greek? she was bewailing her gay mallet every poem is inherently sexual you saying I like dudes walker percy bourbon catholic banana men zen master peru mallet and jews I was told to fold my wings; what does that mean? wes welker gay wes welker gay is it good to be a recluse is wes welker gay

Wooden Cross Drawings

9 years ago with 7 comments
I’m enjoying your company should I become a recluse can a man be chaste physics for pleasure pussy demeanor gay and the latin mass crosses with barbed wire wounded king every thing about costing iron horse gay wes welker gay a tree will dry gay grease monkeys is gay a real feeling do your balls swell when you die? WHAT emotions does a dry tree show I love my motorcycle bad Fay just leave