Full Circle

Full Circle

4 years ago with 17 comments
Dear Amy,1 Thanks for asking about this. The idea of “offering things up” is actually pretty central to my understanding of Christianity, and I’m happy for an opportunity to talk about it. I don’t remember where I first heard of the idea, but I think it has its basis in one of St. Paul’s letters — let me look it up — it’s Colossians 1:24. I ...

Flesh to Fire

6 years ago with 3 comments
Catherine Doherty describes what happens as you spend more time in the poustinia — the hermitage, the desert, the “school of the love of God”: His fire is over you. You are moving slowly up his mountain, the mountain of the Lord. To get to the top you must pass through the heart of God. As you pass through his heart, you become a bonfire, and, together with him, a huge ...

Fifth Force

8 years ago with 14 comments
The Mass is like a huge electromagnet that gets switched on at the beginning of the offertory. Before that point, you should have gone through your pockets for your cell phone, spare change, and any spare paper clips, and maybe your belt if it’s got a metal buckle. Then you throw it all up in the air and it goes flying towards the altar — ZHUMPF, better duck, with all that stuff ...